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Dec 19, 2013
Jul 14, 2012
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About us

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Elxis CMS is being developed by the Elxis Team. Elxis Team is a small team that developes and coordinates the Elxis project. Elxis Team headquarters are located in Athens, Greece. Besides this team there are the Elxis Community Team members that also partitipate in Elxis development, provide new ideas, report bugs, write documentation, make translations, and many other tasks. Elxis community Team members are vital to the Elxis project. In Elxis family also belong all of you that use, promote and support Elxis CMS. Elxis project is open to new ideas and people.

Elxis Team members

Ioannis Sannos
The eldest member and the leader of the Elxis Team. You can find him at the Elxis forums as datahell. Ioannis Sannos is responsible for the whole Elxis Network, Elxis CMS releases and core development. Ioannis Sannos economically supports and hosts the Elxis project.
Location: Athens, Greece
Spoken languages: English, Greek
Personal web site: Is Open Source (IOS)

Ivan Trebjesanin
Ivan Trebjesanin joined Elxis Team on January 2008. You will find him at the Elxis forum as jazzman. Ivan Trebjesanin is responsible for the Elxis Downloads Center.
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Spoken languages: English, Serbian
Personal web site: trebjesanin.com

Stavros Stratakis
Stavros Stratakis joined Elxis Team on June 28, 2012. You will find him at the Elxis forum as webgift. Stavros Stratakis is involved in Elxis development and support.
Location: Herakleion, Greece
Spoken languages: English, Greek
Personal web site: webgift.gr

Elxis community members

Nikos Vlachtsis (nikos)
Location: Athens, greece
Personal web site: Open Source Web
Farhad Sakhaei (Farhad)
Location: Iran
Personal web site: parsmizban.com
Nikos Sirigos (Sirigos)
Location: Corfu, Greece
Personal web site: Creative Options
Yiannis Kottaras (yiannisK)
Location: Athens, Greece
Personal web site: Promoweb
Spiros Panagiotakopoulos (supernet)
Location: Athens, Greece
Personal web site: Rent a Site
Dejan Viduka (kebic)
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
Personal web site: viduka.info
Coursar (Coursar)
Location: Russia
Personal web site: Elxis Russia
zepelin57 (zepelin57)
Location: Lommerange, France
Personal web site: Elxis France
Jim KanaDOS (Jim KanaDOS)
Location: Greece
Personal web site: -
Duilio Lupini (Speck)
Location: Milano, Italy
Personal web site: Elxis Italia
Kostas Stathopoulos (ks-net)
Location: Nafpaktos, Greece
Personal web site: ks-net.gr