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Dec 19, 2013
Jul 14, 2012
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Enable registration terms and conditions

Friday, 28 March 2008

Elxis 2008.x allows you to have multi-lingual terms and conditions shown at users registration form. User must accept these terms inorder to complete his/her registration. In this short guide we will show you how to enable this mechanism (is disabled by default) and set it properly.

Write your terms and conditions

In order to enable terms and conditions on users registration page you have first to create an autonomous page with your terms and conditions. We will afterwards bind this autonomous page to the users registration form. Go to Elxis autonomous pages manager and create a new autonomous page with your terms and conditions. Save that page. If you wish to have multi-lingual terms and conditions create additional autonomous pages for each language and set the autonomous pages language properly (for example create one for the English language, an other one for the Greek language, and so on). Write down the IDs of the saved autonomous pages as we will need them afterwards.

Bind terms to registration form using Softdisk

When finish writing your terms and conditions go to component SoftDisk at Elxis administration. At section Users you will find a variable named REG_AGREE. Edit this SoftDisk variable and enter as value the ID of the autonomous page that contains your terms and conditions (for example 35). This will be displayed if a user has selected your site default language or a language that does not has its own terms and conditions. For the other languages create additional SoftDisk variables at section Users named REG_AGREE_LANGUAGE-HERE (example: REG_AGREE_FRENCH, REG_AGREE_GERMAN etc). These variable should be of type Integer. Add as value to these variables the IDs of the autonomous pages you created before that contain your multi-lingual terms and conditions. Save everything, you are ready!

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